Problem: you need to remove a huge stained-glass window for renovation, but you need a temporary replacement that will look great for church services and in the wedding photos while the work is done.

Specialist builders and stonemasons Brown and Ralph had just this conundrum when renovating a large stained-glass window in a Cambridge College chapel and so enlisted the help of Screens & Graphics.

Not only did the replacements have to look the part but they had to be secure and weatherproof.

The solution was to painstakingly photograph each stained-glass panel and digitally print the designs onto exterior grade clear vinyl. Without a white background, the digital ink is transparent, and we experimented extensively to determine exactly the right print intensity to reproduce the light transmission of the original stained glass.

The prints were then mounted onto fluted polycarbonate boards and expertly installed by Brown and Ralph, where they stayed for the duration of the restoration.