Fascias & Graphic Overlays

Where the required results cannot be achieved through direct printing, printed facias and graphic overlays offer a great alternative. Using our in-depth knowledge of materials and adhesives, combined with our exceptional versatility in printing methods, we can draw on a range of techniques to deliver optimal results and striking effects.

The best of both worlds

Our team has a wide range of experience in printing onto facias and graphic overlays. We are incredibly knowledgeable about a wide range of materials and adhesives and can advise on the best solution for your project. Offering both digital and screen printing methods, we can even combine both to gain the advantages of each.

Facias and graphic overlays offer a great alternative to direct printing. We have in-depth knowledge of materials, inks and adhesives, and vast expertise in a range of printing techniques. Managing the whole process in-house, we deliver consistent, accurate, high-quality results.

Experts in facias and graphic overlays

Facias and graphic overlays offer a great alternative to direct printing. We deliver stunning results including:

  • Under surface printed overlays
  • Highly durable
  • Selective display windows
  • High specification materials and adhesives
  • Antimicrobial coatings for medical applications
  • Digitally cut (no expensive tooling required)
What our customers say
  • Thank you for the work carried out on the moulding and keyboard. The standard was excellent and the speed it was carried out was most impressive.

  • I appreciate all the efforts that have gone into getting these labels out and keeping the customer happy. Not an easy job I know, but you’ve pulled out all the stops.

  • You certainly went the extra mile!

  • Under extremely short deadlines, the work on our products was not only done to your usual outstanding standards but was completed in a stunningly quick turnaround.

  • I don’t like asking for a miracle, but you managed it.

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  • As usual, your efficiency is refreshingly first rate. Thanks.

  • Because of your efforts we have managed to fulfil this order to one of our major suppliers with time to spare.

  • Lovely job, the panels look very nice. Wish we could turn jobs around so quick!

  • Thanks for the banners, they look great. I won’t hesitate to recommend your company in the future.

  • International Rescue strikes again!!! Thank you from a very happy customer!

  • Once again, it is a pleasure to work with a company who continues to excel in customer relations.

  • Just wanted to say a big Thank You. I know it’s been hard work but we have really appreciated that you’ve pulled out all the stops to achieve this.

  • You are STILL our number 1 supplier! God knows what we will do if you ever say “No”!!