Our highly skilled printers produce striking, hardwearing prints on a range of substrates and product shapes, while operating our enviable suite of machines to print everything from sticky labels and hard cases to roller banners and large format signage. We have answered some of your common questions below - if it's not covered, get in touch. We're always happy to advise.

Printing: methods, materials and matching

What is the difference between digital and screen printing?

Both processes can produce very similar or, in some cases, virtually indistinguishable results. Both can be used to print directly onto panels and mouldings or to produce labels and overlays. So, which is best for your requirement? Each process has its pros and cons and we can use the most suitable to achieve the best result for your application, or even combine the two.

Screen printing gives a sharp, durable image and offers a wide range of ink types to suit most substrates and applications. It can provide an economic solution for longer print runs and custom metal-edged or curved screens can enable printing on to awkward shapes or into recessed areas.

Digital printing benefits from minimal tooling costs and can offer full colour printing, plus white and varnish, and so is ideal for short run and prototype print runs. It can also print graduated tints and translucent areas, and copes well with textured surfaces.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and advise which process would be best suited for your application.

Do you have a minimum quantity?

No, there is no minimum quantity and the minimal tooling required for digital print makes it a very attractive option for prototypes and short print runs.

Can my labels have sequential serial numbers and/or barcodes?

Yes. In fact, it’s not only labels that can have unique information on each part; digital print allows us to apply the same directly printed on to panels and mouldings etc.

What is your maximum print size?

It depends on the image and what we are printing onto.

Our digital wide-format printer can print a width of 1600mm and, theoretically, the whole length of the roll of material, which could be 50M or more!

Our Signracer HD flatbed can print a maximum area of 1600mm x 1000mm and can accept material or objects up to 100mm deep.

The two Mimaki-UJF 7151 flatbed printers have a bed size of 710mm x 510mm and can accept material or objects up to 153mm deep.

Our capability with screen printing is a little more “flexible”. We have standard print tables which will print an area up to approx. 1000mm x 700mm, but we are quite good at bending the rules when required, so please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Do you print t-shirts?

We no longer have the equipment or inks to offer this as a service.

Can you match my colours?

We will always try to match as closely as we can to specified colours and provide colour samples for evaluation if required.

What materials can you print onto?

We can print onto metal (unpainted, painted, powder coated, anodised etc.), glass, wood, paper, card and most plastics including: ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, nylon, silicone.

Can you print on to curved and profiled surfaces?

The short answer, in most cases, is “yes”! Both screen and digital printing prefer a flat, smooth finish with no features that stand proud of the surface. There are a number of variables that decide the viability of printing: the degree of curvature, the size of the image, the depth of the recess etc., but we have developed techniques that allow us to cope with most challenges that come our way.

Artwork: files and formats

Which artwork file formats can you accept?

We work mainly in Adobe Illustrator and prefer files to be supplied as vector (outline) in the following formats: AI, PDF, EPS, SVG. We can also accept DXF and DWG as well as bitmap formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF. If you are not sure, please contact us to discuss.

Can you offer design services?

Whilst we don’t offer a full design service as such, our artwork department can work from a fully specified artwork brief or a simple sketch and provide design input, should this be a requirement.

Do I need a Pantone colour?

No! If you don’t have one, or don’t know which you need, we can do all the hard work for you, and it won’t hold up production in any way.

We can match to a Pantone from a sample provided, and we keep a wide range of industry standard pre-mixed ink colours in stock. You can rely on our technical expertise to make the right decision.

Service: turnaround and timing

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time would be relative to your requirement and our current work commitments. All printing and virtually all finishing processes are performed and managed in-house and we will always endeavour to meet your required delivery date.

Can I pay for a faster turnaround?

If we can meet your deadline, we will. Charging more money would not change our ability to do it.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, but we are happy to set up a credit account for businesses and accept payments by bank transfer.

What our customers say
  • Because of your efforts we have managed to fulfil this order to one of our major suppliers with time to spare.

  • You certainly went the extra mile!

  • I appreciate all the efforts that have gone into getting these labels out and keeping the customer happy. Not an easy job I know, but you’ve pulled out all the stops.

  • International Rescue strikes again!!! Thank you from a very happy customer!

  • The request to respond to our urgent needs was very much appreciated and we can only say you offered us a 1st class service!

  • Thank you for the work carried out on the moulding and keyboard. The standard was excellent and the speed it was carried out was most impressive.

  • I don’t like asking for a miracle, but you managed it.

  • We had a very good trading month and this was achieved with help from you.

  • Lovely job, the panels look very nice. Wish we could turn jobs around so quick!

  • You are STILL our number 1 supplier! God knows what we will do if you ever say “No”!!

  • As usual, your efficiency is refreshingly first rate. Thanks.

  • Once again, it is a pleasure to work with a company who continues to excel in customer relations.

  • Just wanted to say a big Thank You. I know it’s been hard work but we have really appreciated that you’ve pulled out all the stops to achieve this.

  • Under extremely short deadlines, the work on our products was not only done to your usual outstanding standards but was completed in a stunningly quick turnaround.

  • Thanks for the banners, they look great. I won’t hesitate to recommend your company in the future.